Author: Heather Mirassou

I am an aspiring writer and poet. I am a mother of two young men and married to my sweetheart. I live on a ranch and farm walnuts. I love to garden, read and spend time with my dogs. I am also proudly a member of America's Oldest Winemaking Family, Mirassou. Thank you for visiting Poetry Soul Closet. With a Smile, Heather Mirassou

Mother Nature – Heather Mirassou


Mother Nature beckons me with her brilliant cacophony. Her pine trees dancing, swaying, and whispering to me. Their virescent green, shimmering through blue hues, hypnotizing me. She is peaceful and calm mesmerizing me. Her birds sing a sweet melody. Her silver-white puffy clouds, surrounded by beams of sunshine, benevolent to me. I am immersed in her enchanting beauty. She is bewitching, She is my company.


Through the Looking Glass – Heather Mirassou

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My past is but a dream. My present an insatiable appetite for life. My future pre-determined and out of sight.

Oh but to be young again, to begin again, to find me again. Who would I aspire to be?

Through the looking-glass, I see a mirror image of me. Free to be who I am with no preconceptions, expectations or promises to keep. Only a silent treasure chest of dreams only I can see. Only a panoramic view of what is the best I can be.

Perhaps, I would fly overseas and travel countries in poverty, recording adversity and atrocities.

Perhaps, I would study the stars and galaxies.

Perhaps, I would march in pride and diversity.

Perhaps, I would study archeology, geology or history.

Perhaps, I would be Simon or Garfunkel in Central Park in New York City.

Perhaps, I would sail alone on the open seas.

Perhaps, I would visit my native France and Italy.

A dream is a dream, but through the looking-glass I can see and be the best of what has made me.

I will continue to record life, love, and history through my poetry. My self-made dreams connecting in this irony.

Dedicated to: Trevor Edmund Mirassou and Brandon Timothy Borden, my sons.





A Journal Entry from 1985 – when I was just 18 years old. “In Definition” by Heather Mirassou

The temptations of life. Not knowing a yes or a no. Experiencing new feelings and ideas which circulate in our minds. Unsure of what to do. Questions which have gone unanswered. The consequence of doing wrong. The pride and joy of doing right. Why do we have to choose? Friends, lovers, and enemies learning to live and cope with each. Tears and laughter. Opposites that can be joined. Rebelling, an action only those who rebel know what the definition is. Why do we live in a world of definitions? There are so many decisions to make the effect of indecision. To live we must give humbly, ask kindly, respect all and most of all fill the world with love.

Journal Entry – Heather Mirassou

Rollin, rollin my pen is rollin with glitter cascading on the page.

Journal Entry – Heather Mirassou

Rollin, Rollin, my pen is Rollin again in glitter cascading on the page.

Journal Entry – Heather Mirassou

When you begin to accept your current situation and make it an adventure rather than an obligation and decide to stop living in fear and become happy with life, calmness and peace surround you.

Heather Mirassou