About Me: Heather Mirassou

I’m an aspiring writer who loves poetry. I have been writing since I was twelve years old. In fact, in 1985 Leo Buscaglia congratulated me on an A grade on a piece of writing I had published in High School. To a young woman, I was ecstatic. I’d like to say he was my mentor.

I am a mother of two young men and married to my sweetheart. I live on a ten-acre ranch and farm walnuts.  I love spending time with my four dogs; Jake, Mandy, Queenie and Buster. The ocean and Lake Tahoe are my Favorite places to visit as well as traveling  cross country with my husband in our fifth-wheel.

I am also a member of America’s Oldest Winemaking Family, Mirassou. Enjoy.

With a Smile,

Heather Mirassou


11 thoughts on “About Me: Heather Mirassou

  1. Heather it is good to see your web pages blossom.

    Stuff of Poetry
    by John Stevens

    Goats and grapes on a ten acre farm.
    They both get squeezed with little harm.

    One lets out milk, the other a small whine.
    The milk for the “kids”, the wine is MINE.

    So there you have Heather’s life today.
    Poetry, goats and grapes, what can I say?

    Children…. is a given.
    Aug 2010
    Aug 13, 2010


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