Vicarious Poet – Heather Mirassou

Your voice

A golden spoon

Laden with honey

Dripping languidly

Your tone

A wounded sparrow

Searching for safety

In a bed of soft feathers

Your words

Paint vivid images

With indelible ink

With shades of blue

Your feelings

Naked, pure and free

Pull heart-strings


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Author: Heather Mirassou

I am a writer and poet. I am a Hippie at heart and cowgirl in spirit. I am kind, compassionate, loving and loyal and I am all forgiving. I accept and love all people, of all creeds, religions, color, sexual orientation and any other characteristics that are non-conforming to society’s mold. I am quiet in a crowd but speak volumes in my writing. It has given me a voice, when sometimes, I could not even speak. Writing gives me the freedom to be “ME”. It is my most natural and comfortable state. Writing to me, is as essential as breathing. I have two stellar and spectacular sons. Brandon and Trevor, ages 32 & 25. Being their mother is one of my greatest achievement of my life. They give me so much to live for. They inspire me, invigorate me and challenge me. They love me unconditionally. They have given me a fresh breath of life, when I’ve thought I had no breath left. They have faith and belief and remind me, that I can achieve any dream, any dream at all. I love to be outdoors. The beach is my favorite place to be. I can skip, run, fly a kite, gather shells and rocks, be romantic, be calmed by the waves and at peace with the ocean. The mountains beckon me with wonder, I become one with the earth. Nature engulfs me, mind, body and spirit. I treasure my family and friendships both new and old. I receive gifts of experience, wisdom and love on a daily basis from those closest to me. In writing my poetry, I draw within the reflection of my soul. I write of beauty, of desire, of hope, of nature. I write some dark and some light. Some sad and some funny. Some old memories, some new. I write poetry of courage, defeat, dying and resurrection. I write about my life experience, my challenges, my dreams, my accomplishments, dreams not yet lived. I write of love, intimacy, vulnerability and sometimes subtle, erotic poetry. I write about my impression and observation of life and people living amongst me. I am forever changing on my life pendulum. With it, my poetry is changing and is a reflection of my soul. Thank you for visiting, My Poetry Soul Closet. I hope you leave with a warm heart, an open mind and kindred spirit. I hope my poetry somehow affects your impression of life, love and people. With a Smile, Heather Mirassou

2 thoughts on “Vicarious Poet – Heather Mirassou”

  1. Wow, Heather.

    Thank you.

    To paraphrase the bumper sticker, if I’m even half the person my dog thinks I am, I might deserve some crumbs of that praise. : )

    Your poetry reminds me of Anne Bradstreet in its intense honesty and feeling. I can see, from other comments at your blog, that there are readers who have come to deeply appreciate your gifts.

    I have two books, and if you’re not familiar with them, you might truly appreciate and learn from them. In the first book, I think you will recognize voices just like your own and be inspired by them:

    These Are Not Sweet Girls: Poetry by Latin American Women – Edited by Marjorie Agosin

    The second book is poetry by Pablo Neruda. The thing that I love about Neruda’s poetry, is the way he can talk about one thing – socks, stones, a shoe, a cat or a tie – and you know that he is talking about something else entirely.

    Full Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon: Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda

    What you share with the poets, their poetry and culture, is an unembarrassed passion. If you pick up the books, be sure and let me know your impressions.


    1. Hello Patrick;

      I wrote and dedicated “Vicarious Poet” to you because I wanted to convey how your poetry and feedback affected me as an aspiring writer. When I happened upon your site, I had not put together a complete poem in almost a year. The raging and repeated fear that I was not good enough, stopped-me-dead-in-my writing.

      I often visit your site and study your content of the mechanics of poetry; formal verse, meter, rhyme, etc. you present the ideas and examples in a way that is not intimidating to the novice poet. Although I have not incorporated much formal verse my poetry, I do intend to give it a whirl…

      Your site’s content on “formal verse”, your encouraging reviews and your own wonderful poetry that is not ostentatious or superfluousness gave way to the brick damn that kept me from writing and publishing my poetry.

      Thank you for being accessible to the writing and reading community.

      Heather Mirassou


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