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"Poems begin in delight and end in wisdom". "Splash images from line to line, keep each image clear, sharp and vivid". "Paint the Rain". "Bring me Magic". "A poem should not mean, it should be".


Take Me Home – Heather Mirassou

Take me home mama

To a place I once belonged

Hold my hand steady

And sing to me a song

My face filled with tears

All my family is gone

Take me home mama

To a place I once belonged

Under the grapevine canopy

 You taught me to be strong

The hundred year-old oak tree

Dances until dawn

Take me home mama

To a place I once belonged

Heather Mirassou 2014


The Wisdom of Rilke – “The Poet’s Guide To Life”

“Life has been created quite truthfully in order to surprise us

(where it does not terrify us altogether).”

” It is, after all, one strength within the human which we achieve everything,

a single steadfastness and pure direction of the heart.

Whoever possesses that strength ought not to lose himself to fear.”


“To have a childhood means to live a thousand lives before this one.”



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Native American, Poet, Louis Owens

Native American, Poet, Louis Owens




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Mesmerize – Heather Mirassou


Your voice, like a river rippling,

waves of goose bumps,

awaken my inner spirit, fill me with delight.

Your gaze, magnetic, blue, moonlight bright,

clear as the evening night,

gently captures my inner light.

Your heart, speaks softly, soulfully,

whispering faithfully, sometimes silently,

but never in spite.

Your touch, captivating, tranquil, slight,

caressing me slowly,

surrounding me with all of your might.

Your smile, brilliant, bright,

tantalizing like a steamy, summer night,

summoning me gently to be your wife.

Heather Mirassou

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Garden Affair – Heather Mirassou

I inhale
Your Intoxicating fragrance
Pheromones entice
Lingering passion
Sun and sky sweet
I am delirious
Dancing in your
Wakening melodies
Bouquet of pearly white peaks

I Awake
In your quicksand soil
Scattering seeds
Delicate sea legs
Wobbly wooden stalks
Germinating roots
A newborn flower
Fragile, Fertile foliage

I swallow
Your clear spring geyser
Brisk diamond water
Raining sky water
Relieve my parched
Withering body
Stealing grace
Sea of Fertility

I Rejoice
Your Renewing promise
I am breathless
Wild ecstasy
A Cacophony of birdsong
Gorgeous milk fluff
A canopy of tranquility
In the shape of a heart

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Love To My Husband – Heather Mirassou

I am drawn to you like

The stars to the midnight skies

The Earth to the burning sun

Water to thirsting flowers

I am comfortable with you like

An old pair of boots

A faded pair of jeans

My favorite sweater and scarf

I am at peace with you like

Sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake

Taking a walk in silence in the country

Listening to rain drops fall in the dark of night

I am alive with you like

The laughter that is uncontrollable

The heart that goes thump, thump, thump

Running through wildflowers in the wilderness

Every ounce of my being

Mind, body and soul are riveted by you

I am alive with you, free with you, comfortable with you

I love you

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Where has all the bright company gone
My friends are gone
My protector’s leave
I sit alone under an apple tree
Listening to false angles plea
If it were not for me
Death had not fallen on mankind
I am the whore Eve
And will never again gain reprieve

Copyright Heather Mirassou

Silence – Heather Mirassou


by Heather Mirassou

What is this quiet soul to do?
My voice and fingers are stuck like glue
The boredom overwhelming my senses very alive
For hours and hours I dare strive
The silence is drowning me inside
I stammer and suffer begging for words to come to my sight
Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up this fight
Oh hearts of hearts please break these ties
So my soul may once again take flight
So that I might not die

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Artist’s Canvas – Heather Mirassou

Artist’s Canvas

by Heather Mirassou

The artist strokes his canvas
His hues and tints of beauty
The orator of his creation
The perfect task of impression
Like a beam of sunlight
Rainbows illuminate
Glory and splendor appear
His vision is revelation

Twilight Bliss

Twilight Bliss

by Heather Mirassou

She whispers to heaven
No rainbows dampened
Young souls tossing
Pearl birds
Planet full of color
A purple myriad
Rejoicing iridescence
Whisper tears
Rustic turquoise
Revived sunlight
Fountain of harvest
Seas hypnotize
Goodbye twilight bliss

Lavender Moonlight – Heather Mirassou

Lavender Moonlight

by Heather Mirassou

Your skin glows

Like peach blossoms

As lovely as daffodils

In the purest hope of spring

My heart-strings follow each strum of a harp

Your voice a hypnotic melody

I leap like a cricket

at the whisper of your name

The evening floats

On a great parrot wing

I am comforted

With you by my side

I hold you tight

Like two twilight beams across the sky

In the listless evening

I listen for the last chime of the day

I lye with you

In lavender moonlight

Hand-in-hand we reach our destiny

For a mystical shower of love


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Winter – Heather Mirassou


by Heather Mirassou

In the softest night
Free winter rises
Maiden blossoms sincere
Weary blossoms adhere
Winter grass is near
Naked tenderness is here
With tired kisses in the air
Goodnight springtime with care

Angel Hair Pasta

Angel Hair Pasta

by Heather Mirassou

Angel Hair Pasta

Virgin Oil encased
Oregano, Basil & Thyme

Fragrance ascend
Blonde strands flyaway

Garlic Shards dancing
Swim in the wind

Pulsing Beef Stake
Red River Flowing

Seeds flooding
Tightly wadded

Expertly wound
Atop her head

Angel Hair pasta

Heather Mirassou Copyright 2010

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If I Were There – Heather Mirassou

If I Were There

by Heather Mirassou

Peaches and pears your delight
Divine roses a gift from your wife

Your favorite soups and stews
Lamb and veal cooked to and fro

In silence in your hammock
Hoping the sun melts the cancer away

If I were there
I would rub your brow and wet your lips

If I were there
I’d warm your sheets and fluff your pillows

If I were there
I would bring you home under the old oak tree

If I were there
I would fill your house with sunflowers

If I were there
I would sing sweet poetry melody

If I were there
I would lay next to you and comfort you

If I were there
I would read you prayers

If I were there
I would have said goodbye

My knight and shining armor

Dedicated to my father; Jim Mirassou

One Dirt Grave – Heather Mirassou

One Dirt Grave

by Heather Mirassou

She was only fourteen
Happy and vibrant
Awaiting her first kiss
Not noticing who was watching
Her neighbor odd but friendly
Obsessed with her loveliness
Coerced her to stray from safety
She fell into a pit
Dug well ahead of time
It was a heinous crime
She had no time to scream
Unable to fight
He smothered and sliced her
Never to be whole again

Copyright Heather Mirassou
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April Alive – Heather Mirassou

April Alive

by Heather Mirassou

Budding bright rivulets
Islands of green groves
Ardent foliage
Idle leaves
Common spirit wild
Distant naked hues
Spot a summit air
April desires
Contentment alive

Nature Dawns

Nature Dawns

by Heather Mirassou

Nature Dawns
Flower fresh love
Perfumed trees
Rose colored affection
Sustenance to our eyes
Mother heaven in the skies
God’s great hand rises

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Rain Dance

Rain Dance

by Heather Mirassou

The sound of crackling glass
Fill my eardrums and awaken me
A steamy haze beckons me
Barefoot and naked I tap-dance on bubbles
Sweet nectar fills my mouth with delight
The humid rain calms and soothes my sizzling skin
The stars are the brightest I have ever seen
The moon is tucked away in its cradle
Mother Nature has raised her hand for me
Come rain on me

Copyright Heather Mirassou
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Questionable Love

Questionable Love

by Heather Mirassou

From seedlings
Raw passion arrives
Teardrops germinate
A questionable love
Free reign love’s geyser
Either uproot and scatter
Or stay and bloom

Childhood Blackness – Heather Mirassou

Childhood Blackness

by Heather Mirassou

Childhood blackness
Trusting in silence
Trying to recall
Memories of water
Chasing Dreams

Foster Child – Heather Mirassou

Foster Child

by Heather Mirassou

Foster child of silence
What did you say?
You were always instructed to smile
It was a woman’s way
Your smile is corrugated
You eyes sheathed in despair
You yearn for a rush of happiness
You wear your masks expertly
Until your hidden emotions bleed
You pace and pray to make them go away
But you cannot stay sane in this façade
White padded walls embrace you
Until your soul is cut in two
You finally speak
But no one listens to you
No light on the horizon
Only darkness that ties you down
You don nakedness
You plant your feet in a potted tree
Hoping to go back to a place,  safe and serene
Instead on the cusp of losing your mind
You hear voices calling out
Telling you that they love you
You look all around for them
But remain alone in the padded room
Your mental illness you cannot control
It is the monster in your heart that wants to let go
You gather your strength above no other
To put another mask of sanity on your face
You play your façade expertly
And you are released for a time
Until you become a danger to yourself or others again
Where is your gratitude?
Just for today
You have been given multiple chances
Of a second chance at life
Remove the lock and key from your soul
Seek help and slowly let the pain come
Don’t let it drown you
Some memories have been taken away by God
Other’s  have endured with his assistance
But what is wisdom and life without trial
Begin to forgive and begin to heal
Let the dragons come head on
With your family by your side
You are not alone
Speak your voice or ink your pen
But do not be a victim
To the demons inside
Take off your running shoes
Go barefoot in earth’s paradise
Walk to the ends of the Earth
And God will kiss your blisters away
You will no longer be despondent
No longer suffocating in your silence
You will remain on the path to freedom
Break from the constant
Begin to live again
Free yourself
Find the courage and the voice
To say goodbye to the old demons
The harmony in your heart is your life-giving force

Heather Mirassou Copyright 2010
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Storm Canvas – Heather Mirassou

Storm Canvas

by Heather Mirassou

Storm Canvas
A storm canvas can take you away
Thunderstorms and lightening
Tempest roaring high
Tumult of a tropic sky
Impatient as the phantom wind
Magenta jealousy
The earth summons
Wanting whorls
Invisible love potion
Dare to walk in its wake
Hands in the air
Clean crisp air
I become transparent
My passion dims
The cyclone whispers
Grizzly arms athwart the sky
I am no longer a slave to society
The breeze of heaven blows
Upon my soul

Heather Mirassou Copyright 2010
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Goddess – Heather Mirassou


by Heather Mirassou

In sunny solitude
The swelling seas
Erase the bank of haze
Birds begin to sing
A skylark soars in the air

Purple hills of paradise
No longer dampened souls
Tossing and turning in the night
Pearl white peaks
Hypnotize across the planet

The color of strength
Of a rainbow myriad
Green cascading canopies
No longer drinking
Nature’s tears away

With fluorescent green
Humming birds
Under the turquoise sky
The vintage rustic vines
Are revived to a new life

Rejoicing hearts
Of amethysts and emeralds
Are awakened from
The breeze of heaven
Vines whisper in awe

Her sun
Sky sweet bliss
Fountain overflows
To twilight shade
Robed fields of gold

Her young berries
Plump and iridescent
Until harvest comes
She will say goodbye
And again renew

Heather Mirassou Copyright 2010
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Mad Love – Heather Mirassou

As snow does to a fire that runs
Blue white Ophelia floats
Mad with love as magnificent as snow
And among water lilies
Star which melts away
The wind kisses her breasts
Shivering willows
A nest of mad kisses
Curves of her back
In each soft corner
From violet forests
His sweet brow
On the seascape
The calm black water
Black moss embroidered
Her great veils rising
Why the goldenrod stars
Love her reflection madly
The rivers are a sail
Shadow flowers with bale
Scented twilight
A pearl sky

Copyright Heather Mirassou 2010
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Moonshine Wind Song – Heather Mirassou

Barefoot and dirt-clod
I tip-toe across the yard
Avoiding mounds of stickers
Sharp rocks and weeds

The sky is full
Satin filled milk fluff
And moonshine
Full on me

Our tangerine trees
Rustle with low-lying
Bull frogs
Rib bit, rib bit

A symphony of crickets sings
High pitched Beetle mania
I hear a distant “moo” from the cows
A latent “who” from the owls in the barn

The statuesque wind chimes
Is playing a cacophony of wind song
This life here engulfs me in its pure and rare beauty
I am one with the country, home again

Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 30, 2010
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Sinless Spring

It is dull and barren

A Melancholy, listless day

Nature had sent the sinless spring

Into momentary silence, as if to shame

There are millions of nature’s mysteries

That I do not understand nor lay claim

The harsh now billowing west wind’s eyes

Engulf white-tipped frothy waves and collide

The midnight storm showers and lightning did mate

The fresh rain melts lavender petals in my wake

I was entranced by its walls of gloom, dark and dim

Manhood beats gallantly finally ridden of their sin

Childhood eternal biding silently

The lovely lulling sea almost swept me away

If not for the hypnotizing dance of the sea

It slapped a salty soul-mist across my cheeks

My kindred spring soulfully awoke from slumber

To dancing clouds of joy that sliced the thunder

The sweet art of marmalade skies

Smiled back at me with June eyes

Copyright, Heather Mirassou 6/26/2010

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My Knight and Shining Armor – Heather Mirassou

If you sit beside me
Perhaps you will see

Life is but a dream
Life is full of wonder

And beautiful
Mysterious things

My life is splendid
And lovely to my dismay

It is not without blemish
It is not perfect or in a regretful way

My life is full of golden peaks
Made of heart and soul

An abundance of love
Unselfish and whole souled

In the prime of my life
A humble man set my soul afire

He is my saving grace
My knight-and-shining armor

All these days
You have loved me tenderly

You help fill a childhood void
You love me unconditionally

You love me whole-heartedly
You love me unselfishly

You are compassionate
Sympathetic and kind

You are affectionate
And never to tire of me

I will love you
Heather Mirassou             6/25/2010
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Nature’s Hope – Heather Mirassou

Blue haze surrounds

She looks ready to birth

She is only

Half-Crescent tonight

I can see her


Methodical movements

As she readies her bed

She is alone

Her mate will be home soon

She will wait patiently

Until they are one

Before she gives birth

To her swollen

Ghost white belly

You will see her too

When she is full, bright

Glowing, shining

We will all be in awe

At the exact moment

Her baby arrives

It is the unknown

We never tire of

Instead we

Look forward

What is to be?

As a Bronte sister once said;

“Hope’s spell glorifies”

Like the young

To this aging eye

Nature & Earth

Full of billions, trillions

Of mysteries

The fearful

The fair

The young

The old

She soothes us

Lull’s us

hypnotize us

Brings us


To conquer

Our fears

She is sister to me

Sister to faith

Nature is her mother

Her father the Universe

When I look upon the

Ocean and Sky

So vast and mysterious

She holds my hand

Makes me strong

Makes the moon ready

To bare

If I am not feeling


Or I am afraid

She becomes my guide

When my fate is


I have lost

My way

Hope Sustains

No matter my path

My weakness

Becomes strong

As I wait

For spring

I elate.

Copyright, Heather Mirassou  6/23/2010

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Who Am I? – Heather Mirassou


It’s been quite

Some time

Since someone


Do see me?

I am Here

My beautiful


Genuine smile

Smiling at

The world

Beside me

Don’t you

See my

Chiseled calves

And voluptuous


A mile high

I may be over


But my Bosom


And Skips

To a

Funky beat

With a tip-toe

Skip, Hop & dance

That only I know

My eyes

Liquid blue

Eyes stare

At magic

In the


My skin




An Irish


From my



My limbs

Covered from

Head to toe

With Wisps

Of Blonde hair

From my



Like my


And French


My heart


By Wine

My Blood



Passion for


My fingertips

Reminiscent of

God’s great earth

The Goddess



Laced with



From my

Writing pen

A kaleidoscope

Into my

Soul within

My voice

An accent

Slung with



And love

So if you

See me


Down the


On just

An ordinary



Stop to

Smell the


May the



And lulling

Pass your



Your day

Do a little

Hop, skip & jump

And feel


In your


Make sure

To Smile

My way

Don’t forget

For I am





For someone

To see me

Heather Mirassou

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