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Quotes about Poets

"Poems begin in delight and end in wisdom". "Splash images from line to line, keep each image clear, sharp and vivid". "Paint the Rain". "Bring me Magic". "A poem should not mean, it should be".


Quote by James Dickey

“A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightening.” 

Summer – Heather Mirassou

August thickened under the bleached sun

Ravens swimming in tilting trees

While lust ripens in fruit rain

-Walt Whitman Journal entry 1855-56

“There is no trick or cunning, no art or recipe, by which you can have in your writing what you do not possess in yourself.”

In A Dream – Heather Mirassou

In a dream I felt the cool white
His sweet madness
Among anchor water lilies
The willows were trembling

A nest of twilight kisses
Where the stars are shivering

Scented sweet and wild
From violet forests
Our arms intertwine
With beads of love

Grandfather – Heather Mirassou

His brows like bended bows with curly-q’s

His mustache like motorcycle handlebars

His eyes like green gin olives

His hair grey and wavy like ocean whitecaps

His hands immaculate and powerful like a surgeon’s fingers

His figure debonair and statuesque like Fred Astaire

His smile cautious but genuine like Buddha

His memory a journey like the wine that ran in his blood


Dedicated to my grandfather, Ed Mirassou



Take Me Home – Heather Mirassou

Take me home mama

To a place I once belonged

Hold my hand steady

And sing to me a song

My face filled with tears

All my family is gone

Take me home mama

To a place I once belonged

Under the grapevine canopy

 You taught me to be strong

The hundred year-old oak tree

Dances until dawn

Take me home mama

To a place I once belonged

Heather Mirassou 2014


Repent – Heather Mirassou

So sexy before the shadows
Like silk against the light

Passion unbreakable
Gummed above the grave

Be watchful
There are ghosts under the mist

Shining awake
Saying goodbye

A phone ringing somewhere
For how long

Forget to go home
Wondering why

The vision has died

Eulogy for Mankind – Heather Mirassou

Quaking Thunder 
Gigantic Showers
Hovering Shadows 
Shot-Gun Shudder 

Echoing Eardrums 
Boiling Eruption 
Volcanoes Spilling Souls
Smoldering Abandon

Seek Shelter 
Dank Dark Cave 
Strangers Withering Asunder

Toiling Dreamscape 
Tantalizing Wicked Tales
Whisper Sweet Nothings 
Come Hither and Wither 

Silver, Spit-Fire
Gracefully Lingering 
Densely Laden Air 

Sailor Singing 
Operatic Crescendos 
Splitting Riptides 
Hurricanes Funneling

Exploding Cyclone
Torpedoing Colossal 
Pulsing Rainbows 
Shimmer and Shine

Rain Drops of Jupiter 
Naked Bubbles Bursting 
Innocent Bouncing Babies Collide
Puppeteer Pelting 
Dangling Dagger Darts 
Bullied Bravado 
Insanity Spies

Backlash Whipping 
Tangy River 
Tears of Shame

Oblivious Waterfall of Lies
Muddy Cowboy Boots 
Charge Battleground 
Sand Castle Crumbling

Slushing Sinful Soil 
Blazing Nature 
Fire Sizzling

Searing Burning 

Valiant Storm Surges 
Neck-Tie Noose 
Murdering Mankind
Floating Aimlessly

Blind Ambition 
Saltine Covered Waves 
Flooding Sinful Memories 

Scarring Hearts
Suffocating Imprisoned Souls 
Suffer Slowly Silently 
Fiercely Hung Alone

Cloaking Gravity
Arms Brave and Wide 
Shuddering Sprits Howling 
Cry an Invisible line

Tantalizing Tricks of Treason
Snare and Hook
Unsuspecting Young
A Serious Magician

Black Magic Celebration 
Liberation Alive 
Wild Engulfing Wilderness 
Succeed and Survive

Skidding, Bouncing, Breaking, 
Crashing, Gouging, Ripping, 
Tumbling, Falling, Spinning, 

Drowning Blackness
Fitful Raucous Rage 
Succumb to Hell Fire Ash
Littering the Demonic Sky

I don’t usually write dark poetry. Would love some feedback.

Marvelous Truth…

Marvelous Truth, confront us at every turn, in every guise, iron ball, egg, dark horse, shadow, cloud of breath on the air…

 – from “Matins” by Denise Levertov

The Ink – Heather Mirassou & John Stevens

The indelible Ink flows from the pen
Gives life, hope and peace within

Or opens wounds and old scars
to tear down the spirit, behind the bars.

The Ink flows on to meet the eye
Fills the thirst to live or die.

It finds a path beyond emotion
Directs the heart, spirit, devotion.

The Ink can flow to encourage
or ravage the page to discourage

The ink brings tears of joy tomorrow
Or tears of grief and great sorrow

The ink will rise where it flows
Or it will fall where no one knows.

The heart of the Ink is yours and mine
When it touches the paper, it is divine

Kid’s Play – Heather Mirassou

DSCN0224“King of the Hill” you begin to play

You bump, bump, bump and sway

You see a perfect high landing spot

On an upside-down horse trough


You hop, jump and fly slowly through mid-air

Your small hooves landing easily on two pairs

You strut your stuff on the cold steel effortlessly

Showing your body strength and dancing dexterity


As you put on your crown and look up at the sky

You friends bow down from side-to-side

You are “king of the hill” showing off your expert dance

She winks at you way up top and begins her sexy prance


She pretends to hide but curiously you see her peek

You join her in a private game of hide-and-seek

She quickly finds you hiding in the prickly hay

You blush and nuzzle her chestnut face


Her body slender and strong topped with white angora fur

You rub her lovingly as she lets out a soft lulling magic purr

She continues to flirt winking her eyes with her head hung low

You excitedly whisper sweet-nothings she agrees you may be her beau


You rub your tickling head against her horns beaming with pride

You motion to her, let’s go play all seriousness aside

You join the other kids who are tryin to reach the sky

Together you dance and sway, jump, hop and fly


Revelation – Heather Mirassou

I am silver

I have no preconceptions

Unchanged by love or dislike

No cruelty only truth

She turns to the moon

That reflect her faithfully


Now I am like a lake

A mirror of revelation

It is her face that replaced the darkness

She has said goodbye to the young girl

In me I see an old woman



Where has all the bright company gone
My friends are gone
My protector’s leave
I sit alone under an apple tree
Listening to false angles plea
If it were not for me
Death had not fallen on mankind
I am the whore Eve
And will never again gain reprieve

Copyright Heather Mirassou

Silence – Heather Mirassou


by Heather Mirassou

What is this quiet soul to do?
My voice and fingers are stuck like glue
The boredom overwhelming my senses very alive
For hours and hours I dare strive
The silence is drowning me inside
I stammer and suffer begging for words to come to my sight
Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up this fight
Oh hearts of hearts please break these ties
So my soul may once again take flight
So that I might not die

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Artist’s Canvas – Heather Mirassou

Artist’s Canvas

by Heather Mirassou

The artist strokes his canvas
His hues and tints of beauty
The orator of his creation
The perfect task of impression
Like a beam of sunlight
Rainbows illuminate
Glory and splendor appear
His vision is revelation

Twilight Bliss

Twilight Bliss

by Heather Mirassou

She whispers to heaven
No rainbows dampened
Young souls tossing
Pearl birds
Planet full of color
A purple myriad
Rejoicing iridescence
Whisper tears
Rustic turquoise
Revived sunlight
Fountain of harvest
Seas hypnotize
Goodbye twilight bliss

The Wisdom of Rilke – “The Poet’s Guide To Life”

“Life has been created quite truthfully in order to surprise us

(where it does not terrify us altogether).”

” It is, after all, one strength within the human which we achieve everything,

a single steadfastness and pure direction of the heart.

Whoever possesses that strength ought not to lose himself to fear.”


“To have a childhood means to live a thousand lives before this one.”



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Lavender Moonlight – Heather Mirassou

Lavender Moonlight

by Heather Mirassou

Your skin glows

Like peach blossoms

As lovely as daffodils

In the purest hope of spring

My heart-strings follow each strum of a harp

Your voice a hypnotic melody

I leap like a cricket

at the whisper of your name

The evening floats

On a great parrot wing

I am comforted

With you by my side

I hold you tight

Like two twilight beams across the sky

In the listless evening

I listen for the last chime of the day

I lie with you

In lavender moonlight

Hand-in-hand we reach our destiny

For a mystical shower of love


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Winter – Heather Mirassou


by Heather Mirassou

In the softest night
Free winter rises
Maiden blossoms sincere
Weary blossoms adhere
Winter grass is near
Naked tenderness is here
With tired kisses in the air
Goodnight springtime with care

Angel Hair Pasta

Angel Hair Pasta

by Heather Mirassou

Angel Hair Pasta

Virgin Oil encased
Oregano, Basil & Thyme

Fragrance ascend
Blonde strands flyaway

Garlic Shards dancing
Swim in the wind

Pulsing Beef Stake
Red River Flowing

Seeds flooding
Tightly wadded

Expertly wound
Atop her head

Angel Hair pasta

Heather Mirassou Copyright 2010

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If I Were There – Heather Mirassou

If I Were There

by Heather Mirassou

Peaches and pears your delight
Divine roses a gift from your wife

Your favorite soups and stews
Lamb and veal cooked to and fro

In silence in your hammock
Hoping the sun melts the cancer away

If I were there
I would rub your brow and wet your lips

If I were there
I’d warm your sheets and fluff your pillows

If I were there
I would bring you home under the old oak tree

If I were there
I would fill your house with sunflowers

If I were there
I would sing sweet poetry melody

If I were there
I would lay next to you and comfort you

If I were there
I would read you prayers

If I were there
I would have said goodbye

My knight and shining armor

Dedicated to my father; Jim Mirassou

One Dirt Grave – Heather Mirassou

One Dirt Grave

by Heather Mirassou

She was only fourteen
Happy and vibrant
Awaiting her first kiss
Not noticing who was watching
Her neighbor odd but friendly
Obsessed with her loveliness
Coerced her to stray from safety
She fell into a pit
Dug well ahead of time
It was a heinous crime
She had no time to scream
Unable to fight
He smothered and sliced her
Never to be whole again

Copyright Heather Mirassou
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April Alive – Heather Mirassou

April Alive

by Heather Mirassou

Budding bright rivulets
Islands of green groves
Ardent foliage
Idle leaves
Common spirit wild
Distant naked hues
Spot a summit air
April desires
Contentment alive


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